Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch makes it easy to launch any program by just typing...

Rocket Launch makes it easy to launch any program by just typing part of the name of the program that needs to be launched. As characters are typed, possible matches are shown in the window.

You can use up/down arrow keys to navigate through the matches. To launch the program, just navigate to the program and hit enter. Unlike most of other alternative software, Rocket Launch uses an advanced algorithm to find matches as fast as possible.

Even for an extremely large start menu, Rocket Launch will find what you need in millisecond latency! How to use Rocket LaunchTo launch Rocket Launch, type in the key combination.

You can configure the key combination using configuration dialog box. (See Configuration section). Once launched, just type few characters of the program you wish to launch in to the search box.

For example, if you like to launch Notepad, just type in note and it will show the matches including Notepad. The higher the number of characters you type, the lower the number of matches found.

(Matching is case insensitive. ). Use Up/Down arrow keys to navigate to the program you need and hit enter. This will simultaneously launch the program as well as dismiss the Rocket Launch window.

Rocket Launch


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